Your New DVD Box Set Includes:
You will receive the 9 Disc DVD Box Set with the complete recordings from my information packed 2-day Functional Occlusion Online Seminar. During this seminar I presented a comprehensive update of my foundational occlusion training material. This was a practical nuts and bolts seminar that taught predictable techniques that you can use right away in your dental practice.
Your investment for this DVD Box Set, online membership site and bonus package is one payment of $1597.00 USD (includes shipping). 
Disc one will teach you foundational occlusion training including terminology and anterior guidance design options. This training will take the mystery out of what they presented in dental school.
Disc two will build upon the foundations of disc one and teach you the functional analysis and bite records options to create predictable and repeatable mounted models of your complex cases.
Disc three will now take the records from the articulator and teach you the articulator settings and techniques to mount your cases so that they are an accurate representation of your patient’s clinical condition. 
This DVD is excellent for training your dental assistant how to mount your models accurately and precisely on the articulator.
Disc four will teach you my system for risk assessment for complex cases so you can identify patients that will be at higher risk to damage restorations.
Special attention is paid to patients with attrition, erosion and bruxism.
Disc five will teach you a system for treatment planning the high risk wear patients that were identified in disc four.
The force management checklist will introduce occlusion design concepts to create an occlusion that will work with higher bite forces and tooth wear.
Disc six will teach you my simplified equilibration technique. The concepts in this DVD can be used with a natural dentition, porcelain rehabilitation or even in splint therapy.
This DVD will take the mystery and complexity out of this procedure.
Disc seven will teach you my predictable system to alter the vertical dimension for wear patients.
If you have ever wondered should I test the new vertical with a splint or will my patient have joint pain if I alter the vertical, this presentation is for you.
Disc eight will teach you my new Precision Restorative Records for Complex Cases protocol.
If you are not sure how to or the order to take bite records after all of the teeth have been prepared this presentation will really help you with your cases.
Disc nine will teach you a 6-step system to manage the complex wear patient from start to finish. I will teach this material using 2 cases from my practice.
The first case is a partial rehabilitation for a severe erosion patient and the second case is a full mouth rehabilitation case for a severe attrition and erosion patient. 
This disc will also teach my predictable core build up and provisional techniques.
I have created an excellent detailed 83 page training manual that we will mail to you with your DVD box set. This manual includes many of the slides from the 2 day Functional Occlusion Seminar and all of the PDF documents printed out so you can follow along while you watch the training DVD's.
When you order the Functional Occlusion DVD Set today you will receive instant access to the online recordings within your new membership site. The great benefit of receiving this online membership site is that you will be able to access the training material and the bonus videos immediately after you complete your order.  
The bonus section has 8 training videos including one video where I demonstrate the functional analysis on a patient and answer questions from the dentists in attendance. This was filmed during a small hands-on workshop in my practice and is an excelent way to see the application of the training material from disc 2 of the DVD Box Set.
The bonus section also includes two of my most popular videos for risk assessment and the diagnostic wax-up and a full series of videos where I demonstrate my equilibration technique once again filmed live with two patient examples.
You will receive my Equilibration Planning and Techniques DVD set. This 2 Disk DVD Set teaches you how to complete a predictable equilibration for your patients. The first video teaches a great technique for the trial equilibration and the remaining videos teach you how to complete the actual equilibration using a live patient example.
Phelan Dental Seminars is an approved AGD Pace Program Provider. We administer a CE test for each of the 2 days of the Functional Occlusion Online Seminar.
When you complete the multiple choice test with a passing score of 80% you will receive a CE certificate for 6 CE points from each day of the Functional Occlusion Online Seminar recordings.
AGD Subject Code: 180,  Course Type: self and Location: self instruction