Occlusion Design

Occlusion Design is my flagship-training program. I have created and built the curriculum to teach general dentists the systems to manage more complex wear, esthetic and full mouth rehabilitation patients.

There is nothing else like this in dentistry because of the interactive coaching aspect of the membership. Not only do you receive a comprehensive curriculum of online video modules to teach you predictable systems to manage the more complex cases in your  dental practice, but…

You also will receive coaching advice from me each and every month with the monthly members coaching webinars. The really cool benefit is that you can send us the digital records of your cases and I can answer and help you with them during the monthly coaching webinars.

This makes an Occlusion Design membership very unique in dentistry.

Your Occlusion Design Membership Includes All of the Following:


Module 1: Comprehensive Diagnostic Records.
The first module of Occlusion Design is Comprehensive Diagnostic Records with 17 total training videos and 6 PDF downloads. The focus of this module is to teach you how to complete a functional analysis that results in 2 sets of precisely mounted diagnostic quality models that you can use for every step of your cases going forward. I will teach you 3 predictable systems for taking CR bite records and how to screen out problematic TMD patients.

Module 2: Risk Assessment.
The second module of Occlusion Design is Risk Assessment with 8 total videos and 5 PDF downloads. The focus of this module is to teach you my Risk Assessment Profile and how to use it to identify the patients that are at higher risk to treat in your practice. This module will focus on the assessment of different types and severity of tooth wear.

Module 3: Treatment Planning Complex Cases.
The third module of Occlusion Design is Treatment Planning For Complex Cases with 11 total videos and 2 PDF downloads including my Force Management Checklist. The focus of this module is treatment planning the high-risk wear patient including options for altering the vertical dimension and refining the esthetics of the case.

Module 4: Pretreatment Case Preparation.
The fourth module of Occlusion Design is Pretreatment Case Preparation with 11 total videos and 2 PDF downloads. The focus for this module is rebuilding structurally compromised teeth, altering the gingival levels around teeth and dental implants and equilibration of the natural dentition. I have very detailed training videos for these procedures including the equilibration for 2 different patients, filmed with my Zeiss ProErgo Microscope.

Module 5: Preparation Techniques.
The fifth module of Occlusion Design is Preparation Techniques, Impressions and Provisional Restorations with 14 total videos and 4 PDF downloads. The focus of this module is the conservative preparation of teeth using a couple of very predictable systems and the module has extensive technique videos as well so you can see exactly how I am completing these essential procedures.

Module 6: Bonding Cases.
The sixth module of Occlusion Design is Preparation Bite Records, Lab Communication, Bonding Cases and Finalizing the Occlusion with 15 total videos and 8 PDF downloads. This is another large and comprehensive module that leaves no stone unturned in the effort to teach you how I finish cases from a 4-unit veneer case all the way to full mouth rehabilitation.


Phelan Dental Seminars is an AGD Pace Program Provider and we administer a CE test for each of the 6 modules of Occlusion Design and the 2 days of the Functional Occlusion Online Seminar.

When you complete the multiple choice test with a passing score of 80% you will receive a CE certificate for 3 CE Points for each module and 6 CE points from each day of the Functional Occlusion Online Seminar recordings.

For Ontario dentists these points qualify for RCDSO Category 2 CE Points.

3) Monthly Interactive Coaching Webinars

To take this training program to the next level I have turned Occlusion Design into an interactive coaching program.

You will receive 12 MONTHLY INTERACTIVE COACHING WEBINARS. During the webinars you can ask questions about the teaching material or about one of your specific cases.

If you are not able to join a webinar live, the replay will be posted onto your membership site and you can ask your questions beneath the video replay.


This is the Best Clinical Training Program that I have ever created. My commitment to you is that nothing will be held back. No stone will be left unturned and I will walk you through the entire clinical curriculum step-by-step. 


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