We, At Phelan Dental Seminars, Wish To Express To Our Colleagues Affected By The Recent COVID-19 Pandemic Our Thoughts Of Compassion And hopes for your safety. As A Leader In Online Dental Training our commitment is to Facilitate The Ongoing Continuing Education Dentists desire And Need During These Times Of Restricted Travel. 
With This In Mind I Have Decided To Create A New Occlusion Design Digital Membership Plus I Have Created A New Occlusion Design Members Special Seminar Series With Dr. Yosef Nahmias, And Dr. Didier Dietschi This week and With New Presenters Being Added for the coming weeks. 

NO TRAVEL REQUIRED: Comprehensive Online Training For Restorative Dentistry, Smile Design And Rehabilitation Cases From The Comfort Of Your Home Or Office


1: NEW ONLINE PORTAL With Occlusion Design And 5 Different Seminar Replay Video Membership Sites. 
2: Full Seminar Replay Video Portal- Full Mouth Rehabilitation Cases Studies- A 20 Year Clinical Perspective.
3: Webinar Replay Video- with Dr. Robert Margeas. Practical Tips and Tricks for Making Your Composite Resins Better. 
4: Webinar Replay Video- with Dr. Michael Pikos. Crestal Sinus Grafting Using Osseodensification Burs.
5: Webinar Replay Video- with Dr. Naheed Mohamed- Simplifying Bone Augmentation through Key Principles of Regeneration. 
6: Functional Occlusion Online Seminar Recordings Portal. 
7: Occlusion Design Live Toronto Seminar Recordings Portal. 
8: Occlusion Design Live Montreal Seminar Recordings Portal.
9: Rehabilitation Systems Seminar Recordings Portal. 
10: Porcelain Veneer Before and After Case JPEG Downloads.
11: The Smile Makeover PDF E-BOOK.
12: Occlusion Design Team Training.
13: Occlusion Design Members Facebook Group.

Occlusion Design Members Special Seminar Series

I am creating a Special Guest Series of seminars for members with the plan to connect excellent speakers from around the world to my members with online webinars.

The next Special Guest Speaker will be Dr. Yosi Nahmias TODAY Tuesday, March 31 at 2PM Eastern 

The name of this presentation is The Endodontic Diagnosis Puzzle.

During this presentation Dr. Nahmias will present a step by step approach in order to aid the dental operator to arrive at the correct pulpal diagnosis. This lecture will also address difficult diagnostic cases presented to us in everyday practice along with most up-to-date advances in microscopic endodontics and CBCT to aid in treatment planning.

Here is a slide from his presentation.

After Dr. Nahmias the next Special Guest Speaker will be Dr. Didier Dietschi next Thursday, April 2nd at 2PM Eastern. 

The name of this presentation is Interceptive treatment of tooth wear: no-prep & ultra-conservative protocols.

Here is the Lecture General Synopsis.
Tooth wear represents a frequent pathology with multifactorial origins. Behavioural changes, unbalanced diet, various medical conditions and medications inducing acid regurgitation or influencing saliva composition and flow rate, trigger tooth erosion. Awake and sleep bruxism, which nowadays are widespread functional disorders, induce attrition. It then became increasingly important to diagnose early signs of tooth wear so that proper preventive, and if needed, interceptive-restorative measures are taken. Such disorders have biological, functional and also aesthetic consequences. Following a comprehensive clinical evaluation, treatment objectives, such as a proper occlusal and anatomical scheme as well as a pleasing smile line, are usually set on models with only anterior teeth or full mouth waxup (analogue or digital), depending on the severity of tissue loss. Based on the new Vertical Dimension of Occlusion (VDO) set on the articulator, combinations of direct, moulded and indirect restorations (using composite resins or monolithic high-strength ceramics) can help to re-establish anatomy and function. The use of adhesive and ultra-conservative techniques has proven its potential, in particular for the treatment of moderate to advanced tooth wear. A modern approach to treat tooth wear shall involve a specific and detailed treatment planning involving its aetiology, risk factors control and the biomechanical status of each tooth to be treated. 
This program will review recent knowledge and clinical concepts related to various forms of early restorative interventions (using adhesive techniques) and their potential to restrict on-going tissue destruction and restore an attractive smile.

Leaning value: Understand the potential of interceptive approach (using no-prep adhesive techniques) to manage the majority of cases and prevent progression of this pathology toward severe tooth wear 

Dr. Dietschi sent me a few slides from this excellent presentation and I have placed them into the images below to give you an insight into the quality of his work. I am looking forward to learning from this master clinician.  

After Dr. Dietschi the next Special Guest Speaker will be Dr. Naheed Mohamed On Tuesday, April 7th at 2PM Eastern.

The name of this presentation is Minimally Invasive Soft Tissue Grafting Techniques For Teeth And Implants.

This webinar will showcase minimally invasive techniques in periodontal plastic surgery. A collection of microsurgical procedures will be demonstrated in order to treat conditions such as mucogingival defects, gingival recession, peri-implant defects, and papilla reconstruction. Various treatment modalities and the scope of soft tissue dental surgery will be presented along with innovative suturing techniques. The viewer will gain a better understanding of the versatility of soft tissue grafting and its advantages in various surgical applications.

Naheed is the periodontist I refer my patients to and he presented a webinar teaching hard tissue grafting last fall for my members. When I asked who I should book for this new seminar series many members asked about having Naheed return for a second presentation and he agreed to join us. 

Last month I travelled to the Pikos Institute in Florida to attend a 3 day hands on workshop by Dr. José Carlos Da Rosa teaching the IDR technique. I was so impressed with this training that I asked Dr. Rosa if he would be interested in teaching a seminar for my members in the fall of 2020.

With the world events I decided to create my Occlusion Design Members Special Seminar Series with the plan to connect excellent speakers from around the world to my members with online webinars and seminars and we decided to move up the seminar from later in the year to Friday, April 17th. This will be a full day seminar to learn about IDR.

The title of the lecture is Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR) - Technique and Science


The Immediate Dentoalveolar Restoration (IDR) is a surgical and prosthetic powerful technique established to broaden indications for immediate loading on individual compromised teeth. It is a technique that allows tissue losses with varied extensions in compromised sockets to be reconstructed in the same surgical session of implant placement and provisional crown installation, reducing the number of interventions and making esthetic aspects predictable. 

The main focus of the lecture is to present the IDR protocol, which advocates minimally invasive surgery and flapless procedures, and discuss about very challenging clinical cases in anterior zone in combination with severe bone loss, and its biological response. This is a new perspective to manage compromised sockets in a simplest and reproducible way.

This will be another excellent learning experience for my Occlusion Design members.

Dr. Rosa sent me a few slides from this excellent presentation and I have placed them into the images below to give you an insight into the quality of his work. I believe this is a game changer to the management of the missing or deficient buccal plate and I am looking forward to having my members learn from this master clinician. 

Occlusion Design is my flagship clinical-training and coaching program.
I have created and built the curriculum to teach general dentists the systems to manage more complex wear, esthetic and full mouth rehabilitation patients.
There is nothing else like this in dentistry because of the interactive coaching aspect of the membership. Not only do you receive a comprehensive curriculum of online video modules to teach you predictable systems to manage the more complex cases in
your dental practice, but...
You also will receive coaching advice from me each and every month with the monthly members coaching webinars. The really cool benefit is that you can send us the digital records of your cases and I can answer questions and help you with them during the monthly coaching webinars.
This makes an Occlusion Design membership very unique in dentistry so if you would like to take advantage of this offer click the ENROLL NOW button at the bottom of this page and join our Occlusion Design online community. 

“Best investment I have ever made in my dental education.”  
Dr. Cory Wooff  
Occlusion Design Member

“Dr. Phelan has taken material that has seemed mysterious since Dental School and has made it very accessible and comprehensive in scope. I would have loved to have access to this information 10 years ago.” 
Dr. Terrie Cribbs
Occlusion Design Member

Membership Site Video Tour
Membership Site Video Tour
Click the video above for a tour of the Occlusion Design membership site. 
Your Occlusion Design Membership includes:
Your Occlusion Design Membership includes:
Do you have questions about specific patient cases in your practice right now but you are not sure who to ask? Each and every month our Occlusion Design members webinars are dedicated to treatment planning and trouble-shooting members cases. All you have to do is send us your digital case records the week before and they will be added to presentation for us to talk about together online.

You will have the ability to review training videos for the procedures you have planned before you have to start the treatment. Imagine having a six unit porcelain veneer case scheduled and the day before the preparations you can review the preparation, provisional and bite record techniques and videos online giving you the confidence that the everything will be perfect.

You are not going to be alone anymore. Your Occlusion Design membership adds you to our online community and we get together each and every month for the members webinars where you will see new cases Dr. Phelan is treating in his practice. You will also be able to ask questions during the webinars or beneath any training video on the membership site or on the forum. 

The core curriculum of Occlusion Design includes detailed step-by-step training videos which will teach you comprehensive diagnostic records, risk assessment and treatment planning for complex wear patients, core build-up techniques and rebuilding structurally compromised teeth, altering gingival levels for teeth and dental implants, preparation techniques for crowns, veneers, onlays, glove crowns, impression and provisional techniques, bite record techniques, bonding and seating techniques, and finishing and perfecting the occlusion. 

PDF documents are available with each module that you can use with the cases in your practice. These are the same documents Dr. Phelan uses in his practice with his patients. 
Your Foundation for Treating Full mouth Rehabilitation and Complex Cases will be established with the 6 Core-Training Modules
6 Separate Core-Training Modules
The first module of Occlusion Design is Comprehensive Diagnostic Records with 17 total training videos and 6 PDF downloads. The focus of this module is to teach you how to complete a functional analysis that results in 2 sets of precisely mounted diagnostic quality models that you can use for every step of your cases going forward.
I will teach you 3 predictable systems for taking CR bite records and how to screen out problematic TMD patients. I will also teach you how to take an acurate Facebow recording that accurately relates the maxillary cast on the articulator so that it reflects your patients actual clinical situation. 
Next I will teach you how to take your records and mount your cases on the articulator and how to determine if this is accurate and what to do if it is not. 
I will also share with you a video I filmed completing a functional analysis on a patient and the actual model analysis for a complex full mouth wear patient.
The second module of Occlusion Design is Risk Assessment with 8 total videos and 5 PDF downloads.
The focus of this module is to teach you my Risk Assessment Profile System and how to use it to identify the patients that are at higher risk to treat in your practice. This module will focus on the assessment of different types and severity of tooth wear. I will use numerous examples of moderate to severe tooth wear from my practice to illustrate the teaching material. 
Bruxism, Parafunction, Dysfunction, and other forms of tooth wear will be defined, identified and assessed for risk. I will also share with you the different types of appliances I am using in my dental practice to manage the risk associated with these different patients.
The third module of Occlusion Design is Treatment Planning For Complex Cases with 11 total videos and 2 PDF downloads including my Force Management Checklist.
The focus of this module is treatment planning the high-risk wear patient including options for altering the vertical dimension for patients with no room for restorative material due to severe tooth wear. 
I created a Force Management Checklist to help you to create an Occlusion Design that will work for wear patients even when you expect them to continue to grind their teeth after treatment.
A detailed evaluation for treatment planning esthetics will also be included in this module. 
The fourth module of Occlusion Design is Pretreatment Case Preparation with 11 total videos and 2 PDF downloads.

The focus for this module is rebuilding structurally compromised teeth, altering the gingival levels around teeth and dental implants and equilibration of the natural dentition.
I have very detailed training videos for these procedures including the equilibration for 2 different patients, post and core build-up techniques and gingival alterations filmed with my Zeiss ProErgo Microscope.
The fifth module of Occlusion Design is Preparation Techniques, Impressions and Provisional Restorations with 14 total videos and 4 PDF downloads.
The focus of this module is the conservative preparation of teeth using a series of very predictable systems and this module has extensive technique videos as well so you can see exactly how I am completing these essential procedures.
I will also share with you how I take an accurate full arch impression with all of the teeth prepared the first time. 
This module is completed by teaching a very predictable system to create long-term provisional restorations. This system works with full coverage and veneer restorations. I will detail the provisional cements that I use for both full coverage and veneers in both short and long term situations.
The sixth module of Occlusion Design is Preparation Bite Records, Lab Communication, Bonding Cases and Finalizing the Occlusion with 15 total videos and 8 PDF downloads.
This is another large and comprehensive module that leaves no stone unturned in the effort to teach you how I finish cases from a 4-unit veneer case all the way to full mouth rehabilitation.
I will detail all of the final cements that I use in my practice. This module has extensive digital video to demonstrate how I bond in a variety of cases including the entire full length recording for bonding and finishing a full upper arch of porcelain restorations including one dental implant.
Click the videos below to here what members are saying about Occlusion Design! 
"Occlusion Design is, dollar-for-dollar, the BEST VALUED program I've ever invested on CE, bar none."
Dr. Will Wyatt Jr
"Great webinar again! I am enjoying module 1 right now. The course is so detailed and simplified. Best course and investment I've made in 7 years since graduating dental school! Great work Dr. Phelan!"
Dr. Brian Koo
“Occlusion Design is a great course. I use the information from the program daily. It will make you a better dentist and put excitement back in your practice. Stephen, I can't thank you enough for all your efforts!"
Dr. Chris Poss
“Thanks, so far this is the best Occlusion course I have ever taken. The detail and fact that I can go back over the content makes it a unique experience.
Dr. Robert Stark
“This course is full of data a dentist needs at his/her fingertips. The tuition for this course is dwarfed by the costs, time and energy that it would take to scour the globe in quest of this information. There is no need to go anywhere. Just open your computer and learn!"
Dr. Pete Pagano
“I love the fact that Dr. Phelan brings knowledge from great educators but in a way that everybody understands."
Dr. Elias Kouvalis
“This material takes the mystery away from Occlusal Therapy and instills confidence in the Doctor to take on more complex treatment."

- Dr. Kent Spurling
“The videos are great, you have anticipated all the questions I had and addressed them to a level unsurpassed. Excellent learning experience.”

Dr. Ray Myers
Enroll Now and Receive These Additional Online Seminar Recordings and Training Videos, FREE!
Enroll Now and Receive These Additional Online Seminar Recordings and Training Videos, FREE!
Applied Occlusion 
Design Case Studies
These case studies present a detailed video examination of 4 different full mouth rehabilitation cases I treated in my dental practice. I will teach the step-by-step techniques used including extraction, bone grafting and guided implant placement as well as the implementation of the Occlusion Design systems for patient treatment with complex cases. 

(Value $1997.00) Included with your OD Tuition

Functional Occlusion Online Seminar Recordings
This 2-day online seminar is a comprehensive update of my previous Functional Occlusion seminar. I recorded the entire presentation including all question and answer discussions and posted them onto the membership site. 

(Value $1497.00) Included with your OD Tuition

Occlusion Design Live: 
Toronto Seminar Recordings
The Occlusion Design Live 2-day seminar presented a series of detailed full mouth rehabilitation case studies. I recorded the entire presentation including all question and answer discussions and posted them onto the membership site. This includes a bonus presentation about dental implant esthetics. 

(Value $997.00) Included with your OD Tuition

Digital Clinical Photography 
Bonus Training Module
This bonus module will teach you my system for predictable and excellent clinical photography. You can use this bonus module to improve your photographic skills or to train your clinical team to take the pictures for you.
Excellent clinical photography will grow your dental practice. 

(Value $497.00) Included with your OD Tuition

Coaching Webinar Series
Coaching Webinar Series
Monthly Interactive Coaching Webinars
To take this training program to the next level I have turned Occlusion Design into an interactive coaching program. 
You will receive 12 MONTHLY INTERACTIVE COACHING WEBINARS. During the webinars you can ask questions about the teaching material or about one of your specific cases. 
If you are not able to join a webinar live, the replay will be posted onto your membership site and you can ask your questions beneath the video replay.
You can do this kind of dentistry!
I believe that beautiful dentistry with precise fit and occlusion is not just for the GURU’s.
You can do this kind of dentistry!
I believe that beautiful dentistry with precise fit and occlusion is not just for the GURU’s.
Phelan Dental Seminars is an AGD Pace Program Provider and we administer a CE test for each of the 6 modules of Occlusion Design and the 2 days of the Functional Occlusion Online Seminar.

When you complete the multiple choice test with a passing score of 80% you will receive a CE certificate for 3 CE Points for each module and 6 CE points from each day of the Functional Occlusion Online Seminar recordings.

For Ontario dentists these points qualify for RCDSO Category 2 CE Points.

Phelan Dental Seminars
Nationally Approved PACE Program
Provider for FAGD/MAGD credit.
Approval does not imply acceptance by
any regulatory authority or AGD endorsement.
12/1/2019 to 11/30/2023
Provider ID# 318898

About Dr Stephen Phelan
Dr. Stephen Phelan has a full time dental practice in Oakville, Ontario where he uses the
techniques that are taught in his seminars daily to treat his patients. He is very passionate about dental education and has spent hundreds of hours training with some of the best dental educators in the world including Drs. John Kois, Frank Spear, Peter Dawson, Dennis Tarnow, Daniel Buser, Jimmy Eubank, Jeff Morley, Bill Strupp, Otto Zhur, Marc Hurzeler and Pascal Magne. He is the creator and founder of the Occlusion Design and Velocity Elite online training programs for dentists.