Precision Provisional Techniques For Porcelain Veneers, Anterior Dental Implants And Rehabilitation Cases 
With Dr. Stephen Phelan
The ability to create provisional restorations with precision is one of the foundational skills needed to predictably manage increasingly complex dental cases. 

If you enjoy porcelain veneer, anterior implant or rehabilitation cases,  join Dr. Stephen Phelan for a live webinar event where he will teach you the systems to fabricate precise and beautiful provisional restorations for your patients. This webinar will feature clinical examples using video filmed with the Zeiss ProErgo microscope. That makes it feel like an over-the-shoulder training program but with the comfort of your home or office since you will be joining us online- no airports or travel needed!

If you have ever asked yourself "what do I use to cement veneer provisionals because they break or fall off easily?" you are in the right place! This webinar will teach you a predictable technique for veneer provisionals that can last 4 to 6 months even on minimally prepared teeth. 

If you are not sure how to manage the gingival levels and outline form for anterior implant cases you are in the right place! Once you have the implant placed and the tissue volume created it is our job as the restorative dentist to mimic the surrounding dentition. The predictable way to achieve this is with the provisional contour. This webinar will teach you how to manage gingival levels with the provisional restoration in the esthetic zone.

If you are not sure how to fabricate provisional restorations with predictable esthetics and occlusion when all the teeth in one arch are prepared you are in the right place. This webinar will teach you a predictable system to fabricate a full arch provisional directly in the patient's mouth. This is a skill you will want to develop if you are going to manage larger comprehensive cases.

During this new presentation, you will also learn: 
1. Which stents and materials you use to fabricate different types of provisional restorations.
2. Which instruments and disks are the best to create your provisional restorations.
3. How to manage the setting and exothermic reaction of the provisional material directly in your patient's mouth.
4. How to manage the soft tissue and embrasure form so you can avoid black holes and unhappy patients!
5. How to contour and polish the provisional restorations so you do not damage the soft tissue and your patient loves the way it looks and functions.

Click below to register for this free online seminar event. Dr. Phelan is committed to teaching you these systems using case studies with clinical HD video filmed in the Zeiss ProErgo microscope so you will learn this topic on a deep level from the comfort of an online training environment. 

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