Our Mission Is To Teach Everything You Need To Know To Make Beautiful Porcelain Veneer Cases That Last For Decades

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Watch the video above to see a sample video from PVM where Dr. Phelan teaches adjusting, trimming and seating provisional veneers using clinical videos filmed in the Zeiss microscope. Dr. Phelan will also show 3 different techniques and materials for cementing provisional veneers and the decision making behind when to use each of these.

online Coaching Program

If you want to enjoy dentistry, expand your dental practice and improve your production and profitability this new online course is a must! 

The Porcelain Veneer Masterclass Online program directs focus on each aspect of the procedure with special attention to teach the technical details which are missed in many courses. 

 This online program will give you the tools necessary to be confident and easily apply this knowledge in your own practice expanding the scope of the care and treatments you offer. 

Module One: Introduction To Porcelain Veneers And Case Studies 
This module will present an overview of the system Dr. Phelan has developed over the last 30 years to predictably manage porcelain veneer cases with excellent long term results. 

A number of interesting case studies will be used to demonstrate a variety of clinical challenges clinicians face with veneer cases. A selection of difficult space closure cases and a lower anterior crowding case will be featured during this module to show the possibilities with conservative porcelain veneers. 
Module Two: Treatment Planning And Designing Porcelain Veneer Cases
This module will teach the treatment planning and designing of porcelain veneer cases. Analog design using wax and digital design will both be demonstrated in detail. How to complete a mock up in the mouth with either of these techniques will also be demonstrated using clinical videos. 

Principles of smile design will be taught and different techniques will be shown to help the clinician and patient get on the same page to help eliminate errors.  

You do not need to be an artist to create beautiful smiles for your patients. This module will teach you a predictable system to design your veneer cases and have this transferred to either a digital or analog wax-up. 
Module Three: Preparation Design, Techniques And Materials For Porcelain Veneer Cases
This module will teach Masterclass members different techniques to prepare teeth conservatively for porcelain veneers but still give the ceramist the space needed for material. 

A stent based and mock-up based approach will be taught using different clinical videos. The decision making behind which approach to use will also be shared. 

Which cases should you break contacts and which cases should you not break them will be taught with many different case examples. What is IDS and should I use this? How should you prepare bicuspids? How should you prepare lower incisors? How do you close black triangles? All of this will be taught using case studies, clinical videos and preparation die models from cases. 
Module Four: Provisional Techniques And Lab Communication For Porcelain Veneer Cases
The provisional is one of the key steps for verifying the smile design you have created for your patient. 

When is the best time to evaluate your provisional? How do you evaluate the incisal edge position and phonetics? What happens if the patient does not like the provisional results? 

How can you easily adjust this if it is too long? What about if it is too short? How do I manage IDS with provisional veneers? All of this will be answered in this module with different case studies showing how to alter the provisional veneers. 

This module will also show detailed video for the fabrication, shaping and trimming of provisional veneers. Dr. Phelan will also show 3 different techniques and materials for cementing provisional veneers and the decision making behind which to use. 

Lab communication and the selection of porcelain used for different case types will also be taught in this module.
Module Five: Seating And Bonding Porcelain Veneer Cases
Another key for having long term success with porcelain veneers is precision bonding of the restorations. This module will be taught with different clinical videos to demonstrate a variety of issues that can happen when you are bonding porcelain veneers along with how to manage them. 

When should you consider using the rubber dam to bond your veneers and when is it fine to use something else for isolation? Which retractors are best if you are not using the rubber dam? Which clamps do you select if you are using the rubber dam? Do you pack cord or not? How do you clean the preparation surface? How do you clean the porcelain surface? All of this and more will be answered in detail with this module. 

A predictable step-by-step system to bond porcelain veneers will be taught in this module. This system and product choices have been used by Dr. Phelan since the 90's and have delivered consistent results for his patients with no veneers ever falling off. 

Finalizing the occlusion will also be taught along with different appliances that can be used to protect the veneers from patients who grind their teeth. 
 Membership Bonus Package
BONUS 1: Porcelain Veneer Precision Online Seminar Recordings
This bonus includes the complete replay video recordings of the full day Porcelain Veneer Precision seminar.  This seminar teaches a comprehensive update of Dr. Phelan's porcelain veneers techniques. This seminar includes many new clinical videos to demonstrate the veneer systems and techniques including a very predictable bonding system for your veneer cases.
BONUS 2: Bonded Porcelain Restorations Video Recordings
These bonus videos will demonstrate a step-by-step view of bonding a full upper reconstruction using detailed clinical video filmed in both the Zeiss microscope and an operatory view camera. 

This video case study will give you different perspectives so you can see Dr. Phelan and his assistant working together and also close up views of the treatment. It is really the ultimate over the shoulder video series for bonding an upper arch of restorations in real time with very little video editing. 
BONUS 3: LIVE PATIENT Online Porcelain Veneer Case with
 Dr. Stephen Phelan
Your Porcelain Veneer Masterclass membership includes a special new bonus- The LIVE PATIENT Online Porcelain Veneer Case with Dr. Stephen Phelan. 

This online event will be presented live. You will be invited to join us online as Stephen completes the preparations and provisionals for a porcelain veneer case in real time and answers your questions. The veneer case will be streamed live with multiple camera angles so you can see different perspectives of the procedure. 

If you cannot attend live the entire event will be posted to the online membership site a few hours after the live event. 

This will be a unique experience to watch a real time unedited veneer preparation and have your questions answered. 
BONUS 3: Mastering Clinical Photography Online Training Portal
by Dr. Stephen Phelan
This bonus online training portal has been added for the Porcelain Veneer Masterclass members. Mastering Clinical Photography will teach you step by step how to take excellent clinical images for your patients. This is a key skill to increase your smile design and cosmetic case acceptance in your practice. 

See the image below for the training videos included with this online course. 
This free bonus is available for a very limited time with your Porcelain Veneer Masterclass Membership. 
BONUS 5: Livestream Fast 
Start Session
During the livestream recording Dr. Phelan will demonstrate trimming and polishing a 6 unit provisional veneer case. Dr. Phelan will also show a clinical video that demonstrates IDS with veneer preps. 
Phelan Dental Seminars is an AGD Pace Program Provider Phelan Dental Seminars and we administer a CE test for each of the 5 modules. When you complete the multiple choice test with a passing score of 80% you will receive a Course Verification.

For Ontario dentists these points qualify for RCDSO Category 2 CE Points.
AGD Subject Code: 250, Course Type: self and Location: Self Instruction
Our Mission Is To Teach Everything You Need To Know To Make Beautiful Porcelain Veneer Cases That Last For Decades

Join today and become a Member of the Porcelain Veneer Masterclass. You will receive lifetime* access to the membership portal and save $500.00 off the regular tuition with one payment of $1495.00 USD or 3 payments of $555.00 USD.

About Dr Stephen Phelan
Dr. Stephen Phelan is the founder of Phelan Dental Seminars. 

Stephen has a dental practice in Oakville, Ontario where he uses the techniques that are taught in his seminars daily to treat his patients. The focus of his clinical practice is cosmetic, implant and rehabilitation dentistry. He is very passionate about dental education and has spent hundreds of hours training with some of the best dental educators in the world including Drs. John Kois, Frank Spear, Peter Dawson, Dennis Tarnow, Daniel Buser, Jimmy Eubank, Jeff Morley, Bill Strupp, Otto Zhur, Marc Hurzeler and Pascal Magne. Dr. Phelan is the creator of the Porcelain Veneer Masterclass, Core Build-Up Masterclass,  Occlusion Design and Velocity Elite online training programs for dentists.
* Lifetime access refers to the life of the program. We expect the Porcelain Veneer Masterclass to be offered for the next 5 years and you will have access for this entire time.