Dental Excellence 22: Richwil Crown Remover

This is the 22nd video in my Dental Excellence Video Series.

In this new video, I teach you about a specific product I use to remove provisionally cemented crowns. This can be needed for a variety of reasons including when phasing more complex cases. 

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  1. Daisy Chavez says

    is this only for temporary cemented crowns

  2. Hey great videos, and great content

  3. Mandla Simelane says

    Thanks for sharing and caring Dr Phelan

  4. What material do you use to replace the old restorations.

  5. Louis Rene Dubois says

    Hi Dr Phelan,
    Past student from your full rehab complex cases on the web
    I since then follow all your precepts and concepts on rehab complex case.
    My question following your video above is about this :
    ?? What temporary cement are you using when you cement temporarily final zirconia
    case or any other final case you want to cement temporarily ??

    Thank you so much on with you as positive input to my practice.

    Dr Louis-René Dubois,DMD Montreal University 1978 graduate.

    • Thanks Louis-René I am very happy to hear about the positive impact my Occlusion Design online membership had on your practice. The temporary cement I use is Cling2 but Tempbond would work fine. If you are concerned about it being too retentive you can place a small amount of Vaseline to the preparation but I would make it a very small amount.

  6. Paul finamore says

    Do you teach a course in full mouth reconstruction. If so, when and where? Thanks

  7. donna brode says

    I have used this for many years, the only time a had problems was in bridges that go around the arch, as in 21 to 23, I had to use the crown remover, plyer eventually got it off. But I do have fun using these ju jubes.

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