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Occlusion Design Testimonials

Dr. Gary Hendricks – Occlusion Design Testimonial
Dr. Andrew Butcher – Occlusion Design Member Testimonial
Dr. Jarett Hulse – Occlusion Design Member Testimonial
Dr. Lana Waibel – Occlusion Design Testimonial
Dr. Guy Carnazza – Occlusion Design Testimonial
Dr. George Olstein – Occlusion Design Testimonial
Dr. Roy Raviv – Occlusion Design Testimonial

“Occlusion Design is, dollar-for-dollar, the BEST program I’ve ever spent on CE, bar none.” 
– Dr. Will Wyatt Jr.

“I have learned a great deal about occlusion since I joined Dr. Phelan’s group.  I used to cringe when I would need to treat a patient who had a large amount of wear on their teeth, but now I feel confident that I can treat them successfully.”
Dr. James Holman

“I’m super grateful to again be part of Dr Phelan’s yearly occlusion design series. The course brings to light so many situations we are challenged by each day.  By being part of this educational culture, I’m attaining more answers than questions when treating patients in my practice.  The calmness and teaching style of Dr Phelan is also to be honored. He is 100 percent engaged in helping every one of his members succeed to their highest potential. I truly appreciate this experience!!”
– Dr. Scott W. Stiffle

“Occlusion Design is a great course. I use the information from the program daily. It will make you a better dentist and put excitement back in your practice. Stephen, I can’t thank you enough for all your efforts!”
– Dr. Chris Poss

“Thanks, so far this is the best Occlusion course I have ever taken. The detail and fact that I can go back over the content makes it a unique experience.”
– Dr. Robert Stark

“This course is full of data a dentist needs at his/her fingertips. The tuition for this course is dwarfed by the costs, time and energy that it would take to scour the globe in quest of this information. There is no need to go anywhere. Just open your computer and learn!”
– Dr. Pete Pagano

“Best course seminar I’ve ever attended. Clear, concise, sympathetic approach used in all materials and course presentations. Best investment to my personal career. I highly recommended Occlusion Design membership, the systems and the materials and forms are an excellent resource.” 
– Dr. Sama Salim

“Comprehensive education on Occlusion Design for enhancing the dental practice. This gives all the necessary tools for complex full mouth rehabilitation which I feared I would never think about.” 
– Dr. Shan Shanmugavadivel

“Take a course and become an Occlusion Design member! A wealth of useful, practical and immediately usable reference! Bang for your buck this course is worth every penny,” 
– Dr. John Marcassa

Velocity Elite Testimonials

Dr. Gary Pearl – Velocity Elite Testimonial
Dr. Brian Mitchell – Velocity Elite Testimonial
Dr. Paul Koch – Velocity Elite Testimonial
Dr. Loyola Correa – Velocity Elite Testimonial
Dr. Paul Koch – Velocity Elite Testimonial
Dr. Ginal Bilimoria – Velocity Elite Testimonial
Dr. David Zamler – Velocity Elite Testimonial
Dr. David O’Malley – Velocity Elite Testimonial


“The CMO course has been one of the best and most comprehensive course I’ve taken. The content provided has given me a better understanding of composites and how to apply them clinically. Dr. Margeas and Dr. Vargas do an amazing job demonstrating different techniques and making things practical. I can apply what I’ve learned to my practice the next day. I highly recommend this course as each clinician will gain something from it.”
– Dr. Saro Babaian

“The Composite Mastery Online has been one of the most practical, informative courses I have ever taken. Being in practice for 30 years, you think you have it all figured out. Then you take one of these courses and realize there are some even better ways to roof a house as Bob Margeas would say. I love learning from truly wet fingered dentists that are practicing everyday  like myself.”
– Dr. Paul Branco

“Composite Mastery is a fantastic online course run by Dr. Vargas and Dr. Margeas who share their deep knowledge and experience in using composites in the restorative work. These great clinicians’ present their incredible skills and tips in live demo videos which I have found priceless. Watching and listening to Dr.Vargas’ and Dr. Margeas’ lectures have inspired me to change my habits from the day one. I have introduced most of the learned tips to my daily practice and my work life has become much easier. Bob and Marcos have covered every aspect of composite restorative procedures starting from materials choice, rubber dam isolation, cavity preparation, shade choice, manual handling and hands-on techniques, finishing & polishing and anything every dentist wished to be covered in the coaching program.”
– Dr. Teresa Pernak

“The Composite Mastery Course with Dr. Vargas and Dr. Margeas is the ultimate, most comprehensive and the most interactive course I’ve taken on composite restorative dentistry. Being four years out of dental school, I am constantly refining my skills and this course has helped me to not only set up all my protocols for composite restorations at my practice but also tremendously upped my level of artistic esthetic restorations.”

“There is no excuse not to be able to learn from these gurus and implement the next day. Highly recommend!”
– Dr. Lana Waibel


“GBR Online is THE course for general dentists who want to take their surgical skills to the next level, at fractions of the cost you would pay for the same material in other courses. This is the full package to get you started with GBR, with very detailed videos and explanations on the techniques, concepts, and rationale. Amazing course and even better investment.”
– Dr. AR

“Outstanding CE program in the convenience of your home! Dr. Mohamed is a great teacher and takes his time explaining topics that are critical to be a successful implantologist by giving us the skills to problem solve a case rather than a cookie-cutter algorithm.”
– Dr. Richard K. Wong

“Congratulations to Dr Naheed Mohamed in providing such an excellent GBR Online program. The program is systematically well organised with up to date detailed information. His teaching is well presented and precise in explanations. All are clinical relevance to our daily practice. This is one of the best GBR courses that I have attended.”
– Dr. Lawrence Chan

“Dr.Mohamed, excellent case presentation, very well organized, informative, and in sequential approach. Well done.”
– Dr. Alan Amin, Oral Surgeon & Implantologist

“Fantastic work and presentation Naheed! I’ve been doing so many things incorrectly or without fully understanding it and now that I know the basics I will be able to choose my materials and techniques much better. I’m so happy I’ve found a place that teaches GBR comprehensively in such an organized manner other than a Perio residency. Thank you!”
– Dr. Tarek Elbadawy

“Dr. Mohamed obviously is a master of his work in terms of GBR procedures and implant placements. I have been placing implants for 2 years now and attended several courses to improve my skill but this online course I can really say has given me a lot of knowledge and confidence in designing my treatment plan for my patient in terms of implant placement. The way Dr. Mohamed presented his lecture by modules is obviously well thought in a way that it can easily be understood regardless the level of your knowledge and skill.”
– Dr. Jay Francis Bariuad

“Very well organized material, excellent graphics and delivered at a great price! Excellent!”
– Dr. Walter Collazo

“Excellent presentation in every aspect. Very valuable. Very pleased. Thank you.”
– Dr. Kristine Hang

“Very detailed series of modules presented for the general practitioners to incorporate in their implant cases needing bone graft.”
– Dr. Shan Shanmgavadivel


“Really enjoyed the suturing class on Saturday.  I really appreciate all the outstanding lectures you provide or SPONSOR.  I’VE LEARNED so much even if I do not do all the procedures you cover.  Please keep up the outstanding work.”
– Dr. Mark Rongone

“I am really impressed with Dr Mohamed’s GBR & STG modules. Watching over & over while driving safely. Time to implement in the clinic… He is changing lives of many Dentists. A true and pure professionalism he exhibits when he reviews the case brought on by participants during live presentation.”
– Dr. Paresh Patel

“This presentation was excellent and applicable. Dr. Naheed has all the qualities and knowledge of an excellent instructor. I am very motivated to move forward slowly with the detailed comments and information he provides. His videos and layouts are very coherent. I am truly grateful for Dr Phelan’s program. I am able to communicate with my colleagues at the same level with confidence and I am better taking care of my patients when I am discussing Diagnosis prognosis options and prevention.”
– Dr. Evelyn Estefan


“I have thoroughly enjoyed Dr Nahmias techniques and simple and clear messaging. The way the modules are set out is well constructed and follows logically and he describes a method that is reproducible and sends a clear message as to what to do and what to leave aside. The level of detail leaves very few questions unanswered but you can still ask questions. I have really enjoyed the way he includes his dental assistants. Toni and Martha and shows the team aspect that is needed to create an outcome that is readily achievable. I have been using the technique taught in this Online course for just a few weeks now but already feel a renewed enthusiasm for Endodontics.”
Dr. Ray Montag

“The course content is relevant, concise. Well explained and thorough. It was directly applicable to me every day practice and I was able to apply what I learned right away. It has given me more confidence in my diagnostic skills and testing. I am thankful to have enrolled and appreciate Dr. Nahmias’ insight and guidance.”
– Dr. Julie Miller

“Excellent comprehensive content! Very educational material, videos and information are clinically useful and applicable. Clinical demonstrations are invaluable.”
– Dr. Noel Commins

“I have learned so many techniques and tricks”
Dr. Julie Kardon


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