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Dental Excellence 10: Retraction Cord Placement For the Veneer Patient.

Dr Stephen Phelan April 17, 2016

This is the tenth video from my Dental Excellence video series.

In this video I share with you a very cool technique for the retraction cord placement with porcelain veneers. I am using video I filmed from a veneer case I prepared this month to show you the technique I use.

Thank you again for being a member of my online community and remember, you can do this kind of dentistry!

I believe that beautiful dentistry with precise fit and occlusion is not just for the gurus.

All the best, Stephen

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  1. Robert tinnin DDS on August 13, 2017

    Nice technique. Video and dvd’s is a excellent way to pass on your knowledge and expertise
    Your mentoring is appreciated

  2. Keith W. Kelley on April 19, 2016

    Great technique Stephen. Another technique I use for anteriors or with multiple crown impressions is to use light body impression material syringed around the preps, then heavy (or medium) body putty impression material in a stock tray. The putty helps to drive the light body material subglingivally and maintains the displacement from the larger retraction cord.. As an added benefit, this technique is GREAT for gaggers, as the material doesn’t run out of the tray borders.
    Give it a whirl…

  3. Kimberly Hubenette on April 17, 2016

    I do this too! I’ve never seen anyone else do this before!!! Yeah!!! I THOUGHT I was the only one who did this. MY first assistant that used to work with Terry Tanaka showed me this way.

    • Stephen Phelan on April 18, 2016

      That is cool you are using this as well Kimberly. I don’t think it is very common so I wanted to get the word out.
      The Tanaka connection is also a great benefit. I have bought an entire series of his DVDs and he is excellent and a very smart educator.

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