Dental Excellence 11: Seating Porcelain Veneers

Welcome to my Dental Excellence video series. In this new video I would like to share with you an excellent technique to ensure the perfect seating of your porcelain veneers. To enhance your learning experience, I am using video filmed with my Zeiss ProErgo microscope to teach you these detailed clinical techniques.

Thank you again for being a member of my online community and remember, you can do this kind of dentistry! I believe that beautiful dentistry with precise fit and occlusion is not just for the gurus.

All the best, Stephen

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This is a brand new webinar and it is going to be excellent!


  1. Ankeet Patel says:

    hi I was wondering when it will be possible to register for the Occlusal Design Course. Ive registered on the waiting list

  2. Neil Patel says:

    Hi Stephen,

    Currently in the depths of my prosthodontic specialist finalss in the UK. This video caught my eye whilst taking a revision break. Thank you for making such and articulate, well presented and truly informative video. Looks like the patient will have a great result…keep up the good work!


  3. Thanks for sharing this video. As always, very helpful 🙂

  4. shameena says:

    Thanks for the excellent video .could understand better.thank you again

  5. It was excellent and very useful
    I am interested in getting the free webinar
    Thanks a lot

  6. Malamatenia Zarkada says:

    Thank you Dr Phelan! I appreciate your work!

  7. Bruce Cairns, DDS says:

    Hi Stephen,
    I’m a member of the Occlusion Design and Esthetic Design communities, which I’m really enjoying and learning a lot from. Regarding this case, since the patient had chipped her previous veneers due to loss of cuspid/canine protection, you restored the guidance as part of the case. Can I assume that you made a protective orthotic/splint once the case was cemented? If so, which appliance design is your preferred choice? I’ve been making quite a few Maxillary Anterior Bite Plane appliances a la` Frank Spear.
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Bruce, I am planning to discuss this case during the May members webinar but I made her an essex type appliance for the upper and lower arch the day we inserted the veneers because I was concerned with bruxism. I believe I will made her an E splint as the final appliance but I will explain my thoughts more during the monthly members webinar.

  8. Thanks for sharing this video Dr. Phelan. I have learned a lot from it. God bless you.

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