Dental Excellence Video 4: 15 Year Old Porcelain Veneers Before and After Results

This is the fourth video from my new Dental Excellence video series. In this video I share with you the 15 year post treatment results from my AACD accreditation case.

Watch the video below to find out more and see why I feel this case and others like it have succeeded so well over time.

Remember.  You can do this kind of dentistry and that beautiful dentistry with precise fit and occlusion is not just for the gurus!


  1. Nice, thanks for information

  2. Patricia Harrington says

    Please contact me with more info for myself, hve’n problems with my smile and I’d like to know where ur located for a potential client visit. It’s hard to find a dentist that actually cares about what they do for the love of thier work n not jus pull healthy teeth to make money off the client. Please email at, thank you respectively.
    Patricia Harrington.

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