Flapless Dental Implant Surgery

I wanted to post a couple of photos from an implant I placed on Thursday. The implant was a Straumann bone level implant. The surgery was completed with a Simplant Surgiguide and the implant was placed without a flap through a 4.0 mm tissue punch. I have talked about this technique on my YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/phelandentalseminars and I wanted to share some photos from this case with everyone to illustrate how great the site looks post surgery using this approach. You will notice the only incision is the tissue punch and no sutures were required. I measured the stability with the Osstell and the implant showed excellent results with readings of 86 on the mesial and distal and 76 on the buccal and palatal.

I called the patient the next day and he told me it did not even feel like he had any surgery completed on the area! I really feel this technique is excellent for the patient providing you have an adequate ridge volume. Are you wondering how this ridge is so well preserved for the implant surgery? I will talk about the technique I use for ridge preservation at the time of the tooth extraction in a future post.

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  2. Prof. Byung-Ho Choi says

    I have enjoyed watching your pictures and videos about flapless implant surgery.
    To upgrade your flapless implant surgical procedure, I’d like to suggest watching my guided flapless implant surgery procedure using self-made guides. You can watch the procedure on the website “//webhard.yonsei.ac.kr” ID: choibh PW:1234

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  3. What a fantastic read, I am ready for more…

  4. Dr Stephen Phelan says

    Thanks for the comment!
    Where in the world are you located? I am actually in Switzerland this week for the Masters Course in Esthetic Implant Dentistry at the University of Bern. I am planning to write a blog post about the course in a few days.

    Best regards,
    Stephen Phelan

  5. Thanks, I am glad you like it! We will be posting new information on a weekly basis.
    Stephen Phelan

  6. Dr Stephen Phelan says

    Dr. Levine,
    Thanks for the comment! I am glad you liked the case and the papilla is really well preserved with this technique.
    Stephen Phelan

  7. Dr Saul Levine says

    I enjoyed watching your almost immediate esthetic resolution
    while the implants integrated with the bone. The final result is impressive
    achieving a pretty natural inter-implant papilla.

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