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Strong Restoration VS Strong Tooth

Dr Stephen Phelan October 11, 2018



As clinicians we are often faced with the dilemma of trying to balance material and lab needs with the desire to be conservative.

Would you prefer to be safe and provide the lab with plenty of reduction so the material is strong and the resulting thickness makes it easier to create a desired esthetic result?

Here is a picture for the ceramics from a recent case I completed. 

Notice the thickness of the central incisor crowns compared to the lateral incisors!

The central incisors were originally prepared by a different clinician with a more traditional preparation design and a butt joint margin.

Unfortunately, this leads to what I would refer to as Strong Restoration VS Strong Tooth.

Notice the lateral incisor crowns. These are prepared with a different philosophy that I would refer to as Strong Tooth VS Strong Restoration.

Here is the preparation photo.

The important question to ask is, “can we have both?”

I believe the answer is yes. I feel with the predictable ability to either bond directly to enamel or use IDS to predictably bond to exposed dentin you can achieve Strong Tooth AND Strong Restoration!

I do not believe we need excessive reduction of healthy tooth structure to achieve our long-term goals. We can bond a thinner thickness of ceramic leading to less reduction of healthy tooth and stronger remaining teeth while still achieving excellent esthetics and predictable results.

This leads to some exciting preparation designs even with erosion patients like you see in the picture below.

We can use Occlusal Veneers, Veneer Crowns, and Onlay Veneers to help restore a patient like this with severe erosion in a more conservative manner.

If you would like to see this new case in detail and examples of Occlusal Veneers, Veneer Crowns, and Onlay Veneers please register for my new webinar while it is still available.

Click Here to register for this new webinar.

This new webinar will feature a detailed new case study for a patient with severe erosion I treated this year with a partial rehabilitation.

If you have wear patients you are unsure about or you have avoided treating you should watch this encore webinar.

Here are a few slides from the webinar presentation. As you can see below I use a variety of preparation designs for this case to produce a Strong Tooth AND Strong Restoration! 


During this new webinar, you will learn:

  1. Where to start your analysis when a severe wear patient presents into your dental practice. I have a system for this that will help to clarify the confusion surrounding helping these patients.
  2. How to identify the risks involved with wear patients. Both risk of treatment and the risk of doing nothing. 
  3. How to design and test a new occlusion for these patients. What happens if they cannot tolerate this new Occlusion Design?
  4. How to manage muscle forces with a wear patient so you can achieve longevity with their restorations.
  5. How to choose the best restoration design for individual teeth in an erosion or attrition patient. Should you choose crowns, onlays, veneers, occlusal veneers or veneer crowns? 

Click Here to register for this new webinar.

I hope to connect with you during the webinar.


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