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“This was my second year attending a Phelan Dental, it was a very informative and interesting course. He always has something new to offer. Looking forward to a third year.” Dr. Min Chhang Liu

“Excellent handout, easy to follow, relaxed atmosphere that was conducive to learning. Builds up your confidence and gives you techniques that you can easily incorporate into your office and fit into your philosophy.” Dr. Brian Croppo

“Dr. Phelan’s meticulous attention to detail and passion for excellent dentistry is made abundantly clear in his countless case presentations. He inspires everyone to do better dentistry.” Dr. Michael Banh

“I always learn something new. You always have great seminars with good information. You are very generous with your knowledge. Thank you!” Dr. Gail Mendonza

“Steve, excellent course! Practical techniques that are easy to follow and incorporate in my practice.” Dr. Dave Riddell

“Extremely informative in a relaxed atmosphere. Useful and practical information that can easily be implemented in our office the next day.” Dr. Richard Landriault

“A very good synopsis and practical summary of current thinking in occlusal and restorative concepts.” Dr. Peter Campbell

“I love the detailed handout! It allows me to concentrate more on what is being lectured then on getting all the important details down. It ensures that when I go home and review these notes and they will still make sense.” Dr. Vivian Khouri

“Dr. Phelan’s lecture was alarmingly good!” Dr. Bryan Tremblay

“Wonderful clarification on a difficult topic. It saves me time to sort through so many different philosophies on occlusion.” Dr. Janice Lee

“Unbeatable value for your time and money!” Dr. Adam Szymczak

“Every course that I have attended, has given me valuable clinical tips to use immediately in practice and confidence to do large prosthetic cases of worn dentitions. Steve presents the information in a concise step wise fashion.” Dr. Gary Remillong

“Dr. Phelan presents in a way that I as an assistant, can take with me in order to be a greater asset to patients and the office as a whole.” Sarah McKersie (team member)

“Well organized and thought out seminar. Great for those who are doing more complex cases.” Dr. Leny Sferlazza

“I like to attend your live seminars with my clients, not just because of the quality of education but the tremendous opportunity for building better relationships in a non business atmosphere.” Rick King, RDT

“Amazing presentation presented in an easy to assimilate fashion with outstanding photography.” Dr. Alvin Sher

“I appreciated the bite registration component, really simplified it and made it reproducible and predictable.” Dr. David Solly

“Beautiful dentistry, excellent seminar!” Dr. Joan Chin

“Tremendous amount of info presented in a very well organized manor and in such a short time period!” Dr. Brian Yoo

“It’s the second time I’ve attended a Phelan seminar and it’s getting better and better. You feel confident and ready to implement this in your practice when you are back home.” Dr. G. Dessureault

“Your courses keep dentistry exciting. I can’t wait to implement what I’ve learned in our office!” Susanne Gaffoor (team member)

“Overall excellent seminar!” Dr. Mark Venditti

“Gives me confidence to take on larger restorative cases.” Dr. Robert Froome

“I have gotten more information from Stephen’s Occlusion course than I have from 3 LUI courses. His content and approach is easier to implement and understand than any electromyography approach. Thanks for an excellent 2 days.” Dr. Ken Jefferson

“For the beginner dentist – like a climb to Mount Everest with a personal guide. For the advanced dentist – like information books in Disney World.” Dr. Donna Brode

“Very practical course, I learned what I needed to do for full mouth reconstruction cases without going to Kois, Spear or Dawson’s course.” Dr. Scott Ly

“Clear, step by step. Notes thorough and great that he referenced evidence and literature. I would recommend the course and attend future ones.” Anonymous

“This course teaches basic, fundamental concepts and principles that are important in treating not only complex cases but also help in treating simple cases in terms of creating more predictable results.” Dr. Jarek Foksa

“For a “master” course and concept, it was presented in an efficient, organized and unintimidating way – good fro assistants and hygienists as well as Doctor.” Mary Jefferson (team member)

“Anyone interested in developing their practice would benefit greatly from the information provided in this course.” Aaron King, RDT

“Extremely well organized and useful information we can take home and use Monday morning. Thanks!” Dr. Andrew Coburn

“Most stunning AV materials I’ve seen. Excellent clinically relevant suggestions of materials and techniques!” Dr. Dac Nyguen

“Up to date information with latest technologies.” Dr. Michel Fancelli

“Dr. Phelan is a very generous guy who loves to share his tricks and knowledge.” Dr. Stephanie Robichaud

“Come again please…” Dr. Jamil El Kabbaj

“A lot of good video with an immediate clinical value.” Dr. Marie-Claude Gendron

“Great course – lots of good interesting tips – very well documented.” Dr. Jerry Brittan

“Top notch Dentist that keeps you up with modern esthetic dentistry.” Dr. Francois Bedard

“A very good bridge between a lot of practical hands on and theoretically rich information courses.” Dr. Anil Bhalla

“Well documented practical information that can be used Monday morning.” Dr. Terry Coward

“All procedures and techniques were presented in an easy to follow step by step format.” Dr. Tasneem Rhemtulla

“Excellent work and really knows what he’s talking about.” Dr. Maria Coquinco

“Very thorough and complete handout, keeps me fully focused on the presentation.” Dr. Evelyn Sy

“The information I’ve learned today has strong and immediate clinical value. I’m excited to bring to the office and apply right away.” Dr. Susan De Guzman

“Very informative and had several pearls that verify what we are doing and some new information to make our cases more successful and easier to accomplish.” Dr. Ray Myers

“A useful and practical course.” Dr. Peter Bradley

“Great material, very relevant for day-to-day practice.” Dr. James Younger

“An informative course with excellent slides, video that is of immediate usefulness in daily practice.” Dr. Gordon Scott

“Excellent seminar for all team members. A true reality of what works in todays progressive dental offices.” Josee Boudreau – Team Member

“Well worth the time out of the office.” Dr. Steve Mitz

“You can easily improve your techniques and results the day after the presentation.” Dr. Richard Landriault

“Outstanding presentation. High quality visuals and handout, very practical!” Dr. Arch Cameron

“This was a well organized, practical and thought provoking seminar.” Dr. Clyde Hillier

“As a dental assistant, I was given a greater understanding of the why behind certain procedures. It has given me an excitement to take this back to work – especially for treatment planning/explanation to patients.” Sarah McKersie – Team Member

“Yet again Dr. Phelan presents the most relevant, up to the minute combination of dental techniques and materials. Inspires you to be an even better dentist when you return to your office Monday morning. Thanks!” Dr. Sandra Zakarow

“Beautiful work presented with quality photography that inspire general dentists to strive for excellence.” Dr. Ian Lo

“Best lecture and most useful I’ve heard in 10 years.” Dr. John ter Haar

“A very well organized course full of practical, clinical pearls which can be put into practice immediately.” Dr. Andrew Rak

“Very well thought out and presented really well.” Dr. Alvin Sher

“Dr. Phelan’s confidence and knowledge combined with his natural ability to communicate were a pleasure to see.” Natalie Beaudry – Team Member

“Awesome course – Thank You!” Dr. Alvin Sher

“Very well and thoughtfully presented; broken down into a system that would safely sequence treatment and guide through before picking up a hand piece.” Dr. David Pelka

“Methodical approach definitely relevant clinically. Just makes sense.” Dr. Nelly Soliman-Wahba

“Clear and comprehensive approach to complex management.” Dr. Howard Libstug

“Wonderful seminar, Thank you Dr. Phelan.” Dr. Anthony Chan

“Beautiful cases! Really gets you excited about full mouth rehabilitation.” Dr. Dong Phung Van

“Thank you for a great 2 days of learning. Well worth it.” Dr. Peter Dimakakos

“Great overview of the treatment of occlusal problems.” Dr. Kostas Papadopoulos

“Well organized seminar, great practical ideas for complex cases step-by-step approach.” Dr. Alnoor Awadia

“One of the best lectures I have attended. Thanks!” Dr. Jamil El Kabbaj

“Great motivation to grow to a new level in a field we already love. A confidence builder.” Mary Jefferson – Team Member

“Practical, well engineered system which you can work and apply right away.” Dr. Laura Petconi

“Great presentation, great material!” Mihaela Rusu – Team Member

“Excellent combination of treatment planning theory and practical clinical illustrations.” Dr. Joan Chin

“Dr. Phelan gets beautiful results and shows you how to achieve them too.” Dr. Ken Jandoo

“Brilliant photography and overall presentation that will add to your clinical abilities and enjoyment.” Dr. Andrew Coburn

“Like the 1st & 2nd seminars this was very well organized and systematic. Great visuals to illustrate the point’s made and a terrific handout for following the lecture. Very Well referenced.” Dr. Arch Cameron

“Excellent presentation with enough “pearls” to make a necklace.” John Marcassa

“This course was very comprehensive and tied together a lot of important concepts.” Dr. James Younger

“Excellent course worth every penny!” Dr. Harry Sangha

“I have attended your lecture before and this lecture is just as valuable and applicable. Simply the best CE value I have found.” Dr. Doug Jones

“To paraphrase Einstein’s quote from the seminar, Dr. Phelan took the complex topic of “restoring the worn dentition” in the opposite direction by providing an orderly and systematic approach.” Dr. John Simpson

“Very well done highly informative seminar. A huge amount of complicated material is artfully presented in an understandable manner.” Dr. Ian Raskin

“Very practical & informative!” Dr. Andrew Lee

“Good information for cosmetic dentistry, especially for dentists who are interested in upgrading themselves in esthetic dentistry.” Dr. Alexander Fu

“A course worth every dentist’s time.”  Dr. Samir Gupta

“Interesting for entire dental team.” Trina Emery CDA

“Very enlightening, didn’t seem like a full day, interesting seminar for all staff members.” Tina Kovacs -team member
“If you appreciate beauty, take this course!” Kinar Mathur -team member
“Dr. Phelan really knows what he’s talking about. He’s precise and passionate about his work.” Dr. Martine Cailhier

“A very concise and realistic look at larger restorative cases.” Dr. T. Sosath

“Great case presentation with very good digital photography.” Jennifer Pinkney -team member

“A gastronomic delight to sink your teeth into! A visually satisfying array of oral delights.” Rick King RDT

“Dr. Phelan is fantastic!” Dr. Joe Radice

“A conscientious and outstanding speaker, with great material.” Dr. Dana Colson

“Dr. Phelan is a gifted clinician with an ease of presentation. His case presentations were appropriate and meaningful. Anyone interested in learning more about smile & occlusion makeovers would benefit from attending one of Dr. Phelan’s programs.” Brenda Moffatt CDAII Treatment Coordinator

“Excellent case presentations that can be applied at your office.” Dr. Brian Croppo

“A day well spent, full of valuable information.” Dr. Richard Schmidt

“Excellent lecture, really appreciate the handouts!” Dr. Liz Hanna

“Great attention to details in work. Very useful tips in the seminar.” Dr. Ian Lo

“It was an engaging lecture!” Dr. Shadi Ghanaat

“Very organized with great notes!” Dr. Amnon Klinghoffer

“Great speaker and great photos!” Dr. Gord Reid

“Well organized, easy to listen to and follow.” Dr. Thomas Zhou

“Very informative seminar and definitely sparks a fire to learn more about esthetic dentistry and gain the confidence to perform more complex restorative cases.” Dr. Azeem Sheikh

“Dr. Phelan’s seminars are both interesting and of extreme clinical value. His multimedia presentation is excellent.” Dr. Monica Sardana

“Excellent one day program saturated with real life cases.” Dr. David Pelka

“The knowledge and clinical experiences shared were valuable.” Dr. Nancy Di Santo

“Excellent case selection and slides.” Dr. Robert Laughland

“Very engaging and visual!” Claire Carmichael -team member

“Dr. Phelan made challenging cases seem simple with his step by step methodical approach.” Dr. K Morris

“Simplification of restoring the worn posterior dentition through logical step by step analysis.” Dr. John Boersma

“This is one of the most organized lectures I’ve been too.” Dr. Jacqueline Wong

“After seeing Stephen for the 3rd time I am still discovering valuable information and techniques that I can take back to the office Monday morning.” Dr. Frank Korody

“The highlight of my continuing education 2 years running!” Dr. Bob Froome

“I stayed awake all day!” Dr. R.G. Krebs

“Very well organized presentation with lots of useful clinical gems and some beautiful photography. Thanks for another great lecture!” Dr. Krystian Belza

“Highly informative course.” Dr. Mariusz Belza

“It was one of the best lectures I’ve ever taken because honesty based on daily clinical realities.” Dr. S. Tamaru

“This was my 3rd Phelan seminar; when Dr. Phelan develops a new seminar I will certainly attend. Top quality A.V. and course material.” Dr. Guy St-Arneault

“One of the best CE course out there. Not just from a clinically relevant aspect but also in production, value, and keeping your attention from start to finish.” Dr. Ian Blenkhorn

“Ce sent les plus beaux cas d’esthetique jasuais vas dans une presentative.” Dr. Ginette Martin

“Helped take the difficult concepts and ordered them into small easy to follow steps.” Dr. Savas Fortis

“An excellent grasp of all restorative procedures.” Dr. Peter Ziereisen

“Very educational and entertaining lecture.” Dr. Dionysios Massas

“How to put complicated things, in a simple way.” Dr. Christine Thibault

“All great!” Isabelle Roby

“Excellent!” Dr. Daniel Dang

“Dr. Phelan is hilarious as a speaker keeps us interested at all times. Never boring.” Dr. Eric Cressaty

“Useful in today’s dentistry, very good esthetic course.” Dr. Anick Marchand

“Dr. Phelan is very skillful at delivering very complex concepts (multifunctional) in a very simplified way. I especially liked that he addressed everything promised in his module outline with detailed handouts for future reference.” Dr. Vivian Khouri

“Very structured lecture, awesome pictures very useful information.” Dr. Ibrahim Ghali

“Raising the bar on comprehensive dentistry for the general dentist.” Dr. Joshua Haimovici

“The course content follows the synopsis exactly. Great handouts. Keeps your attention from start to finish.” Dr. Ron McGillivary

“A good metaphor to the seminar would be a comparison to my 1975 corvette convertible, a resto-mod. And now has both speed and beauty.” Dr. Leighton Porayko

“Exceptionally timely seminar with our aging population where esthetics enhance the youthful outlook.” Dr. Alice Jackes

“Don’t change a thing, very informative, yet comical and lighthearted, nice touch! An excellent refresher course for the clinician that is restoring complex cases!” Dr. Lain Vendittelli

“I look forward to more, a seminar that teaches with a kiss. (Keep it simple stupid)” Dr. Ari Voudouris

“This seminar was filled with enormous amounts of information, to help you out tomorrow in the office.” Dr. Gary Remillong

“As a Technician it makes it very helpful to us that the dentist is involved in some of the lab work involved in doing the case.” Thomas Sekersky RDT

“This is the second course I have been to of Dr. Phelan’s. I really like his approach to dentistry, teaching and patient care. I have tried to emulate his approach with larger smile design cases.” Dr. Trevor Onishenko

“Very effective use of multimedia, slides and videos.” Dr. Derek Bosch

“One of the best organized courses I have ever taken.” Dr. Peter Campbell

“Informative, clinically applicable, concise.” Dr. Goska Nowak

“Classic day to day dental problems that are truly intimidating and how to understand and treat them! Was excellent!” Dr. Ron Martin

“Dr. Phelan has got me turbo charged in doing more esthetic dentistry. Best course I have been to in a very long time!” Dr. Doug Johnston

“Stephen, your presentation graphically and from a standpoint of simplifying complex topics to a take home nugget is among the best I have ever seen. A course not to be missed!” Dr. Glenn Van As

“Pearls of wisdom you can take to your office on Monday morning!” Dr. Gloria Yan

“Enlightening Speaker with a flare for precision dentistry.” Dr. Christopher Brooks

“Well worth attending!” Dr. Mark Norris

“Very well organized course. The audiovisual presentation and handout materials are excellent.” Dr. Steve Geoghegan

“A day well spent. Dr. Phelan is an excellent lecturer with very interesting cases and very helpful handouts.” Dr. Susan Academia-De Guzman

“Enlightening for GP’s, fun in learning all this new stuff!” Dr. Evelyn Sy

“Great use of case studies in presentation and relevant issues.” Dr. Chris Barlow

“Great information that can be used in daily clinical practice.” Dr. April Drury–Johnson

“Very enlightening course. It gives you hope for what magical dentistry means.” Dr. Laura Petconi

“Very comprehensive. Excellent visual. Articulate speaker.” Dr. Brian Stewart

“It’s nice to see how proper treatment planning will augment the predictability and longevity of several cases, and that many more people /patients fit the profile of needing more extensive work.” Dr. Achilles Tsialtas

“Course was very interesting.” Dr. Robert Losier

“One of the rare esthetic presentations where we don’t feel “over treating” the patient! The quality of photography is amazing!” Dr. Nagy Brady

“See you in Atlantis (Bahamas) Absolutely visually stunning! Great clinical photos!” Dr. Dac Nguyen

“Quality of digital photo: excellent.” Team member of Dr. Dac Nguyen

“A truly professional, well executed presentation.” Dr. Skip Kerner

“Complex dentistry made clear and simple with highly professional how to’s. Great vivid presentation.” Dr. Andre Menard

“Avery good down to earth seminar- very practical.” Dr. Samir Mounayar

“This seminar was very informative. Excellent hints for those with experience and a good introduction for those without.” Dr. Jessica Thomas

“Finally a course that gave a good dx and predictable outcome.” Dr. Greg Edwards

“Video display was excellent!” Dr. Aron Dahl

“Amazing course learned a lot, great information and photos. Great Techniques.” Cheryl MacDonald

“Well organized handout, which allows the attendee to follow the lecture more closely.” Dr. Douglas Lobb

“A terrific source of information delivered in an easy to understand format.” Dr. Doug Bayley

“Simplified approach to complex cases. Excellent Photography.” Dr. Steven Ma

“Dr. Phelan provides a great lecture which is very user friendly. He supports the talk with plenty of research from the masters of dentistry. The photography and presentation quality is the best I have seen.” Dr. Todd Lannard

“Very Informative & outstanding work!” Dr. Ray Myers DMD

“A very entertaining lecture!” Dr. Terry Godinho

“Dr. Phelan’s course was very informative and most importantly very inspiring. I recommend it to all dentists who strive for excellence.” Dr. Mouna Hachichou

“A perfect 10. A day well spent. I was inspired to improve.” Dr. Tasneem Manji

“A very well organized and informative presentation.” Dr. Jeffery Williams

“A lot of material packed in 1 day. Very informative.” Dr. Carolyn Tsai

“A well balanced informative clinical and factual presentation.” Dr. Marc Robichaud

“Dr. Phelan’s seminar is in fact one of the most informative and organized  course I’ve ever attended.” Dr. Naghibi

“I wish I had this information many years ago; I could have helped many more of my patients.” Dr. J. Ahmoye

“You’ve impressed me, not only by your work, but with your presentation. The quality is “AAA”. Your philosophy is fundamental.” Dr. Richard Voisine

“Simply the most understandable occlusion course I’ve taken.” Dr. David Matthew

“A very good course that gives us not only the final result but how to realize it with little tricks to do it predictably and with outstanding results.” Dr. Kathy Emond

“Practical information that you can use the next day. Not an advertising or “look at what I can do” type of lecture.” Dr. Allen Macramalla

“I became a better restorative dentist.” Dr. Vera Varadi

“I have taken a lot of courses in the past and this is one of the most clinically relevant and informative course that I’ve been to.” Dr. Lisa Jo Adornetto

“Dentistry in high definition! Finally a dentist who shares the step-by-step protocols and methods of obtaining beautiful, healthy smiles. A five star course! Can’t wait for the next sequel. One of the best lectures out there by far. A fresh wonderful visual journey through cosmetic dentistry. Nothing left to the imagination. No stone unturned.” Dr. Morrie Levy

“The lecturer explains in debt all of the steps and in not reluctant to share all of the information – Excellent!” Dr. Ayalnesh Retta

“This seminar provided me with several new ideas and techniques that can help my practice in esthetic dentistry.” Dr. Darryl MacKenzie

“Was great we received the info by mailing in advance so we were able to plan our schedule. Thank you.” Dr. Christine Thibault

“Worth the Investment.” Dr. Julien Somera

“Very good presentation- filled with good information.” Nancy Robidoux

“Very well prepared and organized.” Dr. Alex Darrach-Cottick

“Well layed out seminar. Thorough sequencing.”  Anonymous

“An esthetic delight in oral rehabilitation.” Dr. Bruno L. De Minico

“Thank you for sending me advertisement for such a course.” Dr. Jacques Bernier

“Excellent content, great presentation, stuff you use regularly.” Dr. Joseph Alaby

“It brings new vision.” Dr. Laurent Tanguay

“Excellent Dentistry.” Dr. Tina Dorfman

“Very thorough course, Stephen provides lots of useful techniques for providing excellent dentistry.” Dr. Todd Lannard

“Excellent course for someone who has never attempted anterior veneer work or an excellent refresher course for the seasoned practitioner.” Dr. Monica Monty

“The seminar should be done in Vancouver once a year with different topics.” Dr. Xuan Nguyen

“Stephen’s attention to detail in his presentation is equal to that of his clinical work.”Dr. Kelvin Mah

“On time, concise and ultra organized – A way a lecture should be!” Dr. Joy Maru

“Concise and easy to understand information, great visuals.” Dr. Michael Conway

“It was well designed and informative. A practical course that everyone who considers doing cosmetic dentistry should attend.” Dr. Shahram Naghibi

“Very practical and clear lecture. It was good that alternative methodology was presented.” Dr. Neeta Popat

“Superb use of video presentations increases the effective delivery of this well researched and useful material.” Dr. Tom Vockeroth

“Very nice visual presentation.” Dr. James Landrigan

“Great way to learn- material backed up with visual presentation and take home material. Looking forward to reviewing the dvds.” Dr. Robin Douglas

“Great in depth course, well presented notes, with information that can be immediately incorporated into the office.” Dr. Ken Jefferson

“Some of the best integrations of clinical technique with digital presentation that I have seen.” Dr. Len Boksman

“Boosts your confidence level because the information is presented in a relaxed and expert fashion at a level that is practical.” Dr. Richard Landriault

“Excellent techniques presented that you can use in your practice to achieve realizable results.” Dr. Steven Schneider

“Finally a dental seminar that kept me awake from start to finish. Real world dentistry with many pearls that can be applied Monday morning at work.” Dr. Paul Branco

“Very practical information that can be utilized tomorrow in practice.” Dr. Gary Remillong

“Very well organized and the best handouts I’ve seen” Dr. Steve Mitz

“Use of digital live videos was a wonderful integrated tool to teach techniques. The material was presented in an easy to follow simple format with gems that you can take back to practice right away.” Dr. Susan Markic

“A great insight into the clinical aspect of my profession.” Andrea Stokes, RDT

“Thank you for providing me with the materials list. It was a great idea! Very detailed and good help.” Jen Gilbert

“The video section is amazing! It makes it all fall into place and I am able to feel confident that I can start practicing new techniques immediately.” Dr. Krista Kuntz

“Well put together lecture and visual aids – outstanding handout!” Dr. Arch Cameron

“Informative and inspiring.” Dr. Heidi Kunze

“Very useful, helps clear up some diagnostic questions.” Dr. Richard Hoffman

“Very informative, precise and easy to follow information on a topic which can often times be very challenging.” Dr. David Wickness

“Great hands on course!” Dr. John Scott Aiello

“Great photography! Very organized, clear presentation.” Dr. Lisa Wolff-Clover

“Loved the course – taught this old dog some tricks!” Dr. Timothy J. Kiczenski

“Concise and up to date.” Dr. Michael S. Barnett

“Very nice preparation, comprehensive handout and very helpful information.” Dr. Abe I. Dumanis

“Excellent course.” Dr. Joseph Wanders

“Great informative seminar. Unassuming, “down to earth” speaker. Covers and enormous amount of material.” Dr. Steve Rhee

“Common sense, understandable lecture with techniques and materials that can be used at your office the next day.” Dr. Richard Green

“What a treat, Dr. Phelan packs into one day the best of the knowledge he has gained from today’s leaders in dentistry. He also shares some of his own pearls.” Dr. John Simpson


“Information is very pertinent and applicable. The handout material is very useful; no need for extensive note taking.” Dr. Guy St. Arneault

“Stephen’s concise and thorough presentation was a nice change of pace. Valuable information to take back to the office on Monday. His enthusiasm and love for his work is obvious.” Dr. Frank Korody

“It was nice to see everyday practical techniques; that can be put to use immediately.” Dr. Fawzia Husain

“Great clinical information to use.” Dr. Vincent Giguere

“Very enlightening and immediate take home content.” Dr. Krista Kuntz

“A must attend if interested in anterior cosmetic dentistry.” Dr. Suanita Hodzic

“Very practical course for the everyday dentist. The video portion was well done and informative.” Dr. Robert C. Margeas

“Thank you. Very informative and great presentation.” Dr. Jay Khimani
Nice to see it all put together from start to finish, outstanding visuals with the microscope.” Dr. Arch Cameron

“The best one day seminar I have attended in years, excellent videos, slides and impeccable detail.” Dr. Douglas Jones

“The audiovisual presentation was incredible. It is obvious the clinician has mastery of his techniques.”  Dr. Milène Abadi-Etingin

“Seeing is believing! Dr. Phelan’s fabulous case selection and photos are to the point, clear and inspirational. He has motivated me to drive to perfection in a step by step manner.” Dr. Morrie Levy

“Extremely informative, excellent visuals and a very enjoyable presentation.”
Dr. Monica Sardana

“Information was extremely practical for everyday dentistry. I walked away with several helpful tips.” Dr. Sheila Kannampuzma

“Most amazing photography and live treatment videos I have seen.”
Dr. Greg Hooper

“Dr. Phelan provided many useful tips to make treatment easier and more predictable. It’s always nice to see how excellent restorative and cosmetic dentistry is done in a real world practice.” Dr. John Rush

“Great information that can be used the following day.” Dr. Dawei Feng

“The best speaker I have seen in the last 5 years.” Dr. Pam Whelan

“Great overview of the A-Z’s of aesthetic dentistry.” Dr. Kostas Papadopoulos

“Real life dentistry taught in a very organized way.” Dr. Ecaterina Manea

“A lecture on real dentistry!” Dr. Patricia Harrosch

“Attention to detail + Passion for dentistry = A great learning experience.”
Dr. Lenny Slepchik

“I really liked the live videos.” Dr. Carolyn Deck

“Incredible work, incredible presentation; I am looking forward to your other seminars!”  Dr. Nick Fedele

“Great speaker adds to the excellent material and notes.” Dr. Marita Hausmanis

“A must attend for the general dentist.” Dr. Joe Radice

“Refreshing breath of air to everyday dentistry.” Dr. Thanh Do

“Excellent seminar, Dr. Phelan’s knowledge is incredible and priceless!” Dr. Peter Ziereisen

“Fool proof predictable technique.” Dr. Jacques Thibault

“Stephen is a knowledgeable G.D.P. and excellent clinician. His excellent photography, clear presentation and excellent videos are above average to other dentists on the lecture circuit.” Dr. Arthur Galwin

“As a dental technologist, I learned a great deal which I can use immediately in our laboratory. This is a course that dental technologists will benefit from to raise their understanding of dentistry today.” Robert Griffiths RDT

“Excellent dentistry. Excellent still photography. Excellent video through the surgical microscope. Cost effective day to educate self and dental assistants.” Dr. Mel Perlmutter

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