Dental Excellence Video 19: Dental Implant Adventures

This is the 19th video from my Dental Excellence video series.

A couple of weeks ago I was prepping a rehabilitation case and we had a bit of an unexpected implant adventure. This new video will tell you all about it and offer a very nice solution.


Thank you again for being a member of my online community and remember.

You can do this kind of dentistry!

I believe that beautiful dentistry with precise fit and occlusion is not just for the gurus.

All the best,


  1. Marisa Garcia Paz says

    First video! great tips!

  2. Monika makkar says

    Hi doc that was a nice tip
    How about packing with Gutta percha or wax

  3. Excellent tip.Thank you .

  4. Emma C. Dimayuga says

    Thank you Dr. Phelan for a wonderful tip, about teflon tape. God bless….😊

  5. Dr. Florin Tolescu says

    Very true, I allready use teflon tape and it’s great. Great tip dr. Stephen . Keep it up!

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