Dental Excellence Video 19: Dental Implant Adventures

This is the 19th video from my Dental Excellence video series.

A couple of weeks ago I was prepping a rehabilitation case and we had a bit of an unexpected implant adventure. This new video will tell you all about it and offer a very nice solution.


Thank you again for being a member of my online community and remember.

You can do this kind of dentistry!

I believe that beautiful dentistry with precise fit and occlusion is not just for the gurus.

All the best,


  1. Marisa Garcia Paz says:

    First video! great tips!

  2. Monika makkar says:

    Hi doc that was a nice tip
    How about packing with Gutta percha or wax

  3. Sirimevan says:

    Excellent tip.Thank you .

  4. Emma C. Dimayuga says:

    Thank you Dr. Phelan for a wonderful tip, about teflon tape. God bless….😊

  5. Dr. Florin Tolescu says:

    Very true, I allready use teflon tape and it’s great. Great tip dr. Stephen . Keep it up!

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